Terms & conditions

Terms & Conditions


1)  Once an order has been placed with Mousetrap Dress Boutique it cannot be amended with regards to style, colour, and size.
2)  Your signature is authorisation that you are happy with the size ordered. Once the order is completed, the size cannot be changed.
3)  Although we order in your nearest size according to each designers’ size chart there may be some alterations needed.
4)  All orders are non- transferable and non-refundable.
5)  Whilst every effort will be made to ensure that the order arrives on time, Mousetrap Dress Boutique will not be held responsible for any delay, as all delivery dates quoted are an approximation only.


1)  Mousetrap Dress Boutique cannot guarantee exclusivity of any dress to any school, therefore, in the event that the same dress is sold to the same school from another store, we are not held responsible to change the dress.
2)  Many of the dresses in store have similarities in colour, style, shape, and design. We can sell all versions of similar style dresses to the same school.

Payment for purchases

1)       A 50% deposit is required on all goods and services when the order is placed or purchased from our stock selection.
2)       The remaining balance must be paid, and item collected within 30 days of your order arriving (90 days for wedding), or from today’s date if your item is already here. You will receive a call, text, or email to confirm your item has arrived. It is the customers responsibility to notify us of changes to personal contact details.
3)       When purchasing a stock item, the deposit and any other money paid is non-refundable. The item must be paid in full and collected within 30 days (90 days for wedding).
4)       The balance of the order should be settled before the dress is taken from the premises, or alterations are made, whichever is sooner. If there are any funds outstanding, the item(s) cannot be released or altered.
5)       The payment of a deposit is deemed as acceptance of the Terms of Trade. This agreement and all receipts in relation to this agreement must be retained as proof of purchase.

Cancellation of purchase


  1. In the event of a cancellation, all monies paid are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  2. No circumstances can be accepted INCLUDING event cancellation due to Covid-19 or any other reason.
  3. Should an order be cancelled; the balance must be settled, and all goods collected within the 30 day (90 days for wedding) window agreed.


1)  Whilst every effort will be made to match fabrics, we cannot guarantee designs, trims nor the exact shade or texture of a fabric.

2)  Some fabrics used are natural fibres and therefore contain minor variations and irregularities. These should be in no way construed as defective nor should Mousetrap Dress Boutique be held at fault.

3)  The handiwork on some garments, especially those incorporating beadwork, is delicate. Extra care should be taken when transporting the gown, during wearing and cleaning. Mousetrap Dress Boutique are not liable for any damages once any item has left the shop.

Fittings and Alterations

1)   After the date of order, no responsibility can be accepted by Mousetrap Dress Boutique for any changes which may occur to the customers body shape, size, or height.

2)   The price of a garment does not include any cost incurred for alterations carried out by either our associated seamstresses or the customer’s personally arranged seamstress. If the customer chooses to have alterations carried out by our associate seamstresses, the estimated charge will be given at a consultation with the relevant seamstress.

Collection of Goods

1)  At the final fitting appointment, the customer must check the garment in relation to fit, condition and beadwork and sign to confirm acceptance of the goods. Once the goods are in care of the customer, no responsibility will be held by Mousetrap Dress Boutique if any faults or problems occur pertaining to the fit, condition, or colour match of the gown.

2)  If your registered event date passes, your item will become the property of Mousetrap Dress Boutique within 30 days of the event date. It is the customers responsibility to notify us of a change or cancellation of event date.


Thank You for Your Custom!